Primer and Removal

Primer and Removal

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This is a must for every lash professional,❗️❗️

💦 remove lashes in 5-8 mins 


Gel Glue Remover is used to break down the adhesive bond on lash extensions.〽️


This is the highest level performance Adhesive-Remover available! ‼️

the consistency and formula, the gel glue remover will not drip or run into eyes.

✅ Our remover can be used with all of the professional eyelash extension Lash Supply me  glues.

❗️❗️❕ For best results apply with micro-brush swabs.


whether removing someone else's lash application or just starting over fresh the Gel Remover lays on the lash while breaking down the glue.


This primer is used to clean & disinfect 🧼 the real lashes.

✅ It will remove any dirt, oil & make-up on the natural lashes which prevent the extensions from adhering to the real lashes.


❗️❗️Use immediately prior to your application process. Clients eyes should be closed when applying primer. It is no secret that the key to longer lasting lashes begins with a clean surface.


✨Apply using 2 micro brushes (also sold in our store) to clean the lashes Shortens the application time.